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Proof of Citizenship
All countries require travelers to show proof of U.S. citizenship upon entry to their country and upon return re-entry to the
U.S. If you are flying to any international destination from the U.S., you must have a valid passport in your possession.

A few countries do not require a passport and will accept other types of proof of citizenship including an original or
certified copy of your birth certificate, original Certificate of Naturalization, original Certificate of Citizenship, or original
Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States.

If you are traveling to a country that does not require a passport for admission, it is recommended that you use either a
passport, certified copy of your birth certificate, or original Certificate of Naturalization.
Some countries require U.S. citizens to obtain a visa, which is a permit allowing the passport holder to visit that nation.
Visas are issued in the U.S. by the embassy or consulate of the country to which you are traveling. Obtain it from the
appropriate embassy or consulate in the U.S. before leaving to enter that country.

Allow sufficient time for processing your visa application, especially if you are applying by mail.  It is the responsibility of
the traveler to obtain visas, where required, from the appropriate embassy or nearest consulate in the U.S. of the
country you are planning to visit. As soon as you receive your visa, check it to make sure no mistakes were made.
Processing and visa fees vary from country to country, and most fees are not refundable.