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The World's First Flying Hotel
The Hotelicopter features 18 luxuriously-appointed rooms for adrenaline junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable
travel experience. Each soundproofed room is equipped with a queen-sized bed, fine linens, a mini-bar, coffee machine,
wireless internet access, and all the luxurious appointments you'd expect from a flying five star hotel. Room service
is available one hour after liftoff and prior to landing."
Travellers Vote London Cabs The Best In The World

Research finds London's cabbies make the best first impression as taxis rank as top transport from
airport to hotel London's taxis have been voted the best in the world, a poll of international
travellers has shown. Almost half (44%) of the 3,300 travellers from France, Germany,
Spain and the UK surveyed by said that London's black cabs
were the best.

The city's taxis fended off competition from New York (favourite amongst 15% of travellers) and Madrid (which secured
11% of the vote). The world's favourite online hotels site found that Paris and Barcelona completed the top five.

UK visitors' opinions of London taxis are doubly important, the research found, because cabs are the most-used method of
travel from airport to hotel. Almost two thirds (64%) of travellers said that they take a cab over public transport when
arriving in a city. London's cabs are one of the first experiences that many travellers will have of the UK: it seems that they
are making a good first impression.

"It has been known for taxis across the world to get a hard time, but our comprehensive poll has shown that taxis are
convincingly the most popular transport method when it comes to transferring from the airport to hotel. With such a large
number of people taking a taxi from the airport, the taxi experience often forms a traveller's first impression of a destination.
Where the taxi drivers are less service orientated, it could have a negative effect on the traveller's willingness to return."

Bob Oddy, General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, comments "Our members are trained to the highest
standards and dedicated to driving as a full time profession, and therefore their skill, knowledge and expertise is second to
none. It is this great service that shapes travellers first experience in the UK and we are very proud of that."

Other countries were not as lucky as London and those found languishing in the bottom five spots after gathering the least
amount of support were Rio de Janeiro (0.57%), Moscow (0.49%), Cape Town (0.49%), Shanghai (0.47%) and Santiago
de Chile (0.24%).

The poll asked not only to rate their favourite cities for taxis, but also their top taxi destinations for cleanliness, value,
quality of driving, knowledge of the area, friendliness, safety and availability.

London's black Hackney cabs scored well with European respondents taking the number one position in all criteria. New
York came in second in every category apart from safety, where Paris out-ranked the Big Apple.
Other destinations that scored well in the individual criteria include:

  • Bangkok and Hong Kong scoring highly on value
  • Berlin and Edinburgh putting in a strong showing based on quality of driving
  • The traditional Irish craic saw Dublin race up the ranking for friendliness
  • Zurich and Berlin entered the top five for safety
  • Las Vegas scored highly for availability of taxis

At the other end of the scale, in the individual categories it was Santiago de Chile that claimed the bottom spot for value,
knowledge of the area, safety and availability, whilst Mexico City came bottom for cleanliness, Marrakech for quality of
driving and Moscow for friendliness.

Those questioned were also given the opportunity to highlight anecdotal stories about taxi journeys they had taken, with
some drivers going above and beyond the call of duty to make the arrival process a pleasure for travellers and some
taking their passengers lives in their hands. Some of the stories highlighted include:

  • A taxi driver in Granada, Spain, who could not find the passengers destination charged them no fare and
    entertained them with local songs en route
  • Taxi drivers in Tokyo who wear white gloves and stop the meter if they take a wrong turn
  • A taxi driver in St Petersburg who sang the Opera 'Carmen' throughout the journey
  • A taxi driver in Tokyo who returned his passengers guitar to his hotel after it had been left in the back of the taxi.
  • A couple complained about being stalked through Marrakech by a cabbie wanting to ensure a return fare on their
  • Taxi drivers getting into physical fights with other drivers or pedestrians during a fare
  • A driver in Buenos Aires crashing through a parking toll barrier on leaving the airport
  • A Cypriot taxi driver involved in a high speed police chase.
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Emirates offers in-flight iftar for
Emirates will provide customers who have flights departing
close to iftar with small snack boxes at the boarding gates of
Emirates Terminal 3.
The snack boxes, containing vegetable calzone, Namoura dessert,
dates, water and a laban drink, will serve as a quick snack so that
passengers can break their fast immediately.
Passengers who are in-flight when the sun sets will be informed of the Iftar time by the captain. Iftar will be determined based
on where the aircraft is located at the time the sun goes down.

Robin Padgett, Emirates’ VP aircraft catering said: “While we take pride in our cultural diversity, Emirates’ foundation is rooted
in Islamic culture, and we are committed to ensuring that our Muslim passengers are well looked after during the holy month of

“Ramadan is an important part of the Islamic calendar and Emirates is pleased to be able to support our Muslim passengers
as they undertake their religious obligations. Our non-fasting passengers will continue to enjoy the world-class meals Emirates
is globally known for.”

Large iftar meal boxes will be served to fasting passengers in-flight and will comprise an array of traditional Arabic dishes
including hummus with crudités, mini Arabic bread, traditional chicken shawarma, pistachio Baklava, dates, banana, laban
drink, calzone, dried apricots and prunes, and roasted almonds. The meal box, designed by Emirates’ chefs, will be served in
Economy class, with a similar selection of foods served to fasting passengers in both Business and First Class.

Non-fasting passengers travelling on Umrah and Jeddah flights will receive a cold meal instead of the regular hot meal for all
flights taking off after sunrise and before sunset, in respect to the many Muslim passengers completing Umrah on these flights.