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DSDT STyLe SeNse for Men
You can buy the best suits and accessories, however, if you don't take care of yourself first then you're only making that
expensive wardrobe look -- and smell -- cheap.

Every man must have a rudimentary grooming regime that keeps his general health in good stead. Yet, perhaps more
important than personal health and well-being is the notion that, once upon a time, men -- real men -- used tonics, lotions,
soaps, and creams to make themselves more attractive to women. And it worked!

Presenting yourself to the world each day begins with proper grooming.
So, here then is a sample of the guidelines that will keep you in the game.
When it comes to hair, schedule time to trim your nose hairs and other body
hair. Keep regular barber appointments (about once every four to six
weeks) to keep yourself from becoming lazy with your hairstyle.

Buy a men’s nail kit and don't forget the regular upkeep: You don’t need
anything fancy, just basic tools to keep all of your nails clean and short.
Skipping a shower is simply not allowed. The importance of a second
shower before going anywhere in the evening should never be forgotten.All
of those workouts mean nothing to her if your body and hair smell bad.
Practice the basics of hygiene
Foam and a simple blade might work well enough when you’ve spent the
night in an international departure lounge, but you have to get more
involved if you expect to have a healthy looking mug in the long run.

Begin with a traditional pre-shave ritual of a hot towel if you can’t cleanse
and exfoliate properly. Next, apply a natural and organic pre-shave oil. This
is very important if you use an electric shaver to raise your whiskers away
from your skin’s surface.
The real secret to a perfect shave is in the quality of foam or cream you use. Avoid cheap products with chemical additives.
You’re removing a thin layer of skin when you shave with a blade and the last thing you want against the new, fresh skin
underneath is an astringent chemical. If you prefer an electric shaver, which many men choose in order to avoid water
usage, convenience or to save their face from the ravages of blades, you’ll want to clean and oil your shaver regularly.  

Afterward, regardless of blade or electric shaving, you must apply a balm to help hydrate your face. The best have aloe
along with vitamins, minerals and a simple SPF to protect you all day.
Learn how to get a proper shave
Yes, gentlemen, they actually play an important role by keeping your face and skin healthy. Modern men cannot live by
soap and water alone lest you end up with cracked and broken skin.
They might be called men’s cosmetics but the following three items form the foundation of healthy grooming: cleansers,
toners and moisturizers. A cleanser will go beyond simple soap and remove the dirt and grime that build up in your pores
during a hard day. A toner tightens your skin making it tougher for the elements to penetrate, while a moisturizer keeps
your skin hydrated.
Dry, cracking skin allows germs and dirt into your body (Is that what you want? Didn’t think so). Clean, taught and hydrated
skin is your first line of defense against the outside world -- and also far more attractive to women. Are you getting the
point here?
Help your skin rejuvenate itself by removing dead skin cells and debris with an
exfoliating cleanser. You don’t have to do this everyday -- a few times a week will
do the trick. For deep exfoliation, you could use a pumice soap, or an exfoliating
mask that  goes on soft and hardens while soaking up the debris on your skin. You
might also consider a granular exfoliating face cleanser that you can apply in the
shower and rinse clean every other day
Exfoliate for better looking skin
Choosing the right cologne may take a little time. First, consider your skin type.
Oily skin mixes well with floral- and citrus-based scents.
Dry skin, however, does not hold a cologne as long, which makes it perfect for the hefty
tobacco, musk and patchouli colognes popular today.

If you have sensitive skin you should avoid the less expensive mass-produced colognes
that contain additives. Stay with organic producers with heavier scents fit for dry skin

No matter which type is best for you, you will have to avoid the impulse buy as you rush
through a store. Once at the store, try a sample on your wrist early in the day. Live with
the scent for a while. Have a coffee and see how it is matures with your natural skin
scent. If all goes well then you should buy it.
Choose the right cologne
Fashion tips for Fat men
The best way to look great in the long-term when you’re overweight, is to lose excess weight with the help of a proper diet
and exercise program. Once you start dropping pounds, your clothes will fit better and your confidence will increase along
with your motivation to try new fashions and styles.

Since there’s no reason to put off looking good until you reach your goal weight, we’ve put together a few fashion tips to
help you make the most of your shape right now and create a slimmer-looking physique.
Your clothes should fit perfectly. Garments that are too tight will reveal all the
lumps and bumps you’d rather not draw attention to. On the other hand, while very
loose clothing will hide your problem areas, it will also make you look larger than
you actually are. Take care when shopping to choose pieces that skim over your
body and smooth out its surface.
Ensure your clothes aren’t too tight
Avoid loud or bold patterns as they will make you stand out in addition to drawing
attention to the upper half of your body. One pattern you should wear, however, is
vertical lines; they create optical continuity and will help elongate the look of your
body. Dark, solid colors are also your new best friend as they are an instant figure
fixer and will make you seem 10 pounds thinner.
Avoid tops with naturally sloped shoulders as these tend to draw the eye down to
your midsection. Instead, check to make sure that all your tops have slightly
squared shoulders as these will concentrate others’ attention on your body to your
chest and face.
Instead of wearing trousers and jeans that hit at your waist, invest in low-rise
bottoms that sit on your hips. Low-rise trousers have a shorter distance between
the top of the waistband and the crotch of your pants than regular trousers. Also,
ensure that the waistband of your pants is large enough to accommodate your
midsection so that your belly does not stick out over your pants. A stomach that
protrudes over your pants lengthens your torso and shortens your legs -- not
exactly the most attractive combination. Rotund individuals should also avoid pants
with pleats as they will make your pelvic area look bigger.
Don’t carry around excess baggage. Emptying your pockets of
unnecessary items like bulky cell phones, overstuffed wallets
and electronic devices will take the focus off a large
midsection. On your pants, have any bulky side pockets sewn
shut or removed by a good tailor. Doing so won’t cost much
and it will make your hips appear smaller.
V-necks are a great way to create the illusion of a slimmer neckline,
particularly if you have a double chin, as they place emphasis on your chest
area instead of on your neck. When it comes to dress shirts, choose ones
with very pointed collars to focus others’ attention on your face. Avoid
turtlenecks completely as they will make your neck disappear, meaning that
you’ll look shorter and, therefore, bigger.
Wear V-neck shirts
Avoid one- and two-button blazers. Instead, go for blazers with three
buttons. They are just as classic as two-button blazers, but they will
elongate your body and make you appear taller and, therefore, thinner.
As well, always leave the top button on your blazer undone as it will stop
your clothes from pulling, particularly in the area around your middle,
and consequently, your movement will seem less restricted.
Wear three-button blazers
It’s a tried-and-true tip: Work on your posture. Standing up as straight as
possible will make you look like you just dropped 10 to 15 pounds and
will also make you feel and act more confident -- a trait that most people
find quite attractive. To appear even slimmer, buy shoes with a small
heel of about half an inch to one inch.
Avoiding bulky fabrics means that chunky wool
sweaters are a big no-no. To stay warm in the
winter, go crazy for cashmere as it provides
warmth without adding bulk to your figure. Or, try
a dress shirt and V-neck sweater vest
combination as the sweater vest will keep you
warm while also smoothing out your midsection
and love handles. For suits, choose softer wools
so that the fabric is as thin as possible. Invest in
high-quality, lightweight wool suits if you can
afford them as these will be the most flattering
suits for your body and you’ll feel and look like a
million bucks when you put them on.
Wear your pants long to seem taller and thinner. They should hit almost at the ground
to really lengthen your body. If you’re wearing shoes with a heel, the bottom of your
pants should hit about a quarter to a half inch above the heel, no more.
Whatever your body type, play up your
best features and de-emphasize those
you don’t love quite as much. Dress to
flatter your shape, but don’t try too hard
as you don’t want to look like a bald man
who uses a comb-over to hide his flaws
-- only to emphasize his problem areas.
Take care of your face
Don’t wear tops with sloped shoulders
Don’t wear bold patterns
Wear low-rise bottoms
Empty your pockets
          Stand up straight
Wear pants with a longer hem
What to wear
Avoid bulky blazers
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