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The word 'manicure' is derived from the Latin word 'manus' (meaning -hand) cure (care).

When we talk about beauty, we are generally concerned about face only. For looking beautiful really, all the parts of body
should be given equal importance while taking body care, especially hands. When you converse with anybody, hands equally
take part in conversation. So hands also need beauty treatment for keeping them attractive for long time. Manicure is the right
beauty treatment for hands.

A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands. A home manicure can treat just the hands, just the
nails, or both. A standard manicure usually includes filing and shaping of the nails and the application of polish, but there are
also speciality manicures, like: Salon Manicure, French Manicure, Spa Manicure. Treatments for hands usually include
soaking in a softening substance and application of hand lotion.

For women, getting a manicure in a trendy new shade can act as an accessory to your outfits. But women aren't the only ones
who enjoy manicures---businessmen also get them so their hands are clean and attractive. One perk is that manicures don't
take long, so you can squeeze one in during your lunch hour or if you have a break between appointments during the day.
Purpose of Manicure:

  • Prevent hang nail formation:
  • Prevents nail damages like splits, tears, and fragile tips.
  • The accompanying massage of the hands improve and increase the blood circulation, suppleness and flexibility of the
    hands and wrist.
  • Discourages wrinkling of the skin on the hand, which is one of the first body part to show the sign of aging.
  • It soothes and relaxes all the body parts as hands have  pressure points corresponding to all the body parts.
Kinds of Manicure:

You can improve the appearance of your nails by regular manicure, as they look tidy, strong, healthy and shining. There are
manicures that are meant for caring for hands only. Or manicures only for nails or there are manicures for overall care of nails
and hands. There are specialty manicures also. Normal manicure procedure is to soak the hands in a softening substance
and then massaging  with a lotion.

You can have variety of manicures according to your choice and needs. These types may vary according to the different
shapes given to the nails, applying different oil and creams, giving electro-pulse or massage by hot stone.
American Manicure: Regular manicure which gives natural shape to the nails according to the shape of fingertips.

French Manicure: It is special type of manicure  which involves cutting nails into square shapes and coating with clear or
ivory colored polish with white tips.

Intensive paraffin wax Manicure: In this type of manicure, warm wax is rubbed into the nails to soften and moisturize the
hands, wrists and nails, .

Luxury Manicure: In this manicure, whole hand is treated with paraffin wax and covered with hot mittens or wraps to warm
and soothe the hands and moisturize nails.

Hot stone manicure: To soothe and revitalize the hands, hot stone massage is given.

Hot Oil Manicure: It cleans the cuticles and oil is applied to soften them.

Nail Art: In this kind of manicure, after a regular manicure, nails are decorated with some nail art process like applying artificial
nail tips.  Acrylic or artificial gels are applied to give a soft look. Some stones, paint or jewels are pasted on the nails.
New Clothing-Care Uses for Old Things
Use an ice-cube tray to store jewelry. Trays
can be stacked in a drawer for a multi-tiered
alternative jewelry box.
Velcro will keep a jacket or a blouse from
gaping open: Just sew small pieces between
the buttons to create a smooth surface.
Unstick a stubborn zipper by rubbing the teeth
on both its sides with a pencil (graphite is an
excellent dry lubricant).
Sweep a dryer sheet over clothing (or hair,
TV screens, and computer monitors) to
remove static.
And run a threaded needle through a dryer
sheet right before you begin sewing to
prevent the thread from tangling.
Another way to nix static cling: Brush the long
side of a wire hanger over your skirt or dress,
and between your clothing and tights or slip.
Get between buttons, where a regular iron
won't fit, with a straightening iron. Try it on
collar creases and minor wrinkles, too.
Baby powder prevents sweat stains on white
shirts. Sprinkle a little on the shirt's
underarms and collar, then iron. The powder
forms a barrier that keeps oil and grime from
seeping into the threads.
Clear nail polish will keep a loose eyeglass
screw in line: Tighten it, then dab polish across
the top for a longer-lasting fix.
Has your deodorant left its mark? A baby
wipe works to lift those hard-to-remove
A rubber band can give you more
breathing room in a snug pair of pants.
Loop one through the buttonhole,
securing the other side around the