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10 Fashion Trends with Staying Power
By Ingela Ratledge,
Experts predict which fashion fads have come and gone―and which will come back again.
Leather Bomber Jacket
Why it keeps coming back: Strictly for the cockpit set when it debuted during World War II, the bomber
jacket, which saw plenty of action on terra firma after it caught on with 80s-era trendsetters, like
Madonna, is "chic and a little tough at the same time," explains Valerie Steele, director and chief
curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York City.

Keep it if: The cut flatters you and the style sticks as close to the original as possible, as any major
variations tend to look passé. Take stock of the cuffs, too: "Leather cuffs are more classic than the
ones with the knit ribbing," says Kathryn Finney, author of How to Be a Budget Fashionista (Starting
at $9, Yahoo! Shopping).

Toss it if: It's exaggerated in any way. "No tight sleeves, loose bodies, or belts," cautions Robert
Verdi, a fashion stylist based in New York City. "And if it's red with an embroidered eight ball on the
back, ditch it."
Baby-Doll Dress
Why it keeps coming back: Ubiquitous in the 60s, the 80s, and even just recently, the Empire-waisted
wonder “always returns because it’s very forgiving,” says Rebecca Taylor, a fashion designer in New
York City. “People from thin to not-so-thin can wear these dresses, so no one wants to part with
them,” says Nicole Miller, a fashion designer in New York City.

Keep it if: It is made from a long-wearing fabric, like silk or wool, and has a trapeze or A-line shape―
“but no more voluminous than that,” says Finney. The most recent iteration was positively billowing,
bordering on maternity gear, and it probably won’t be trendy again. Instead, store the subtler shapes
that gradually flare away from the body.

Toss it if: The color (like an over-the-top hot pink), embellishments (ruffles and rosettes), or length
(Shirley Temple–short) make it too youthful looking. “The age limit on looking good in this style is
lower than you’d think,” says Steele. “If you’re not sure it’s right for you, then it probably isn’t.”
Platform Shoes and Boots
Why they keep coming back: Platforms have made a footprint on almost every decade of the last
century―arguably no more so than in the 70s, when they graced the feet of Stevie Nicks wannabes
and hustled the night away under disco balls. “For a heel, they’re easy to walk in, and they have a
slightly funky edge,” says Finney. Adds Trina Turk, a fashion designer in Los Angeles, “Hey, it’s a
powerful feeling to be taller!”

Keep them if: The shoe is sophisticated (you don’t want to look like a mall-prowling teen) and at least
somewhat practical. “A four-inch heel and a one-inch front platform is the max,” says Nicole Miller. Any
higher will look a little RuPaul―and be tough to walk in.

Toss them if: “Anything about them is too extreme―like design, material, or thickness of heel,” says
Carson Kressley, the host of Lifetime’s How to Look Good Naked. In that case, what goes around
definitely won’t be coming around again.
Peasant Skirt
Why it keeps coming back: This floaty, feminine style has been a favorite of Summer of Love hippies,
carpooling moms, and everyone in between. Who doesn’t groove on an elastic waistband?

Keep it if: “It’s unique looking, interesting, or hard to find―anything very ethnic, printed, or
embellished, for example,” says Verdi. Adds Rebecca Taylor, “Eyelet peasant skirts always look

Toss it if: “It’s a bright color or neon,” says Kressley. Most likely, those skirts won’t come back; and if
they do, you should be able to pick up a new one at low cost. Also, anything that’s overly costumey―
making you look like an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean―has got to go.
Tie-Neck Blouse
Why it keeps coming back: “It’s a way to communicate sexy femininity without being revealing,” says
Trina Turk. Which is why power dressers from the hard-charging Gordon Gekko 80s to today have
tied up deals in them.

Keep it if: “It’s well made by a big-name designer, because they tend to use better proportions. Or if it’
s dramatic, with an extra-long tie, so it is a statement piece, not just that season’s fad,” says Verdi.

Toss it if: It’s a cheapo, mass-produced take on the look, in which case it’s bound to bear signs of its
era (a too-boxy cut or a synthetic material that won’t age well). And, says Taylor, “get rid of anything
that’s too reminiscent of Tootsie.”
Leggings and Skinny Jeans
Why they keep coming back: Ultra-fitted bottoms―veterans of Debbie Harry’s style era and Debbie
Gibson’s, too―are a recurrent trend for a reason. “Skinny jeans can be dressed up or down,” says
Charles Malka, the founder of the Charles David line of shoes and accessories, while “leggings are a
great way to show off your legs without showing skin―and perfect for layering in the winter,” points out

Keep them if: You’ve invested in high-quality leggings, “because they’re charging more for them each
time around!” says Valerie Steele. Any pairs in dark colors and free of lacy trim are worth stashing;
they can stand in for tights during times when leggings are not au courant. As for skinny jeans, keep
yours if they’re figure-flattering and made from “a pure, classic denim,” says Verdi.

Toss them if: Era-specific details―such as a distinctive wash, zippers at the ankles, or prominent
embroidery―decorate the denim. “And get rid of any leggings in bright, all-the-rage colors or
patterns―they’re not going to work again,” advises Kathryn Finney.
Ankle Boots
Why they keep coming back: Said to have been inspired by the footwear of 19th-century soldiers,
ankle boots are “easy for women of all calf sizes to wear―and you can get the look and the height of
a boot without having to go full-length under trousers,” says Robert Verdi.

Keep them if: They’re “made from fine leather in classic colors, like black, brown, and dark blue,”
says Finney, and any necessary rehabbing can be done easily at a shoe-repair shop.

Toss them if: They have an obvious faux finish, like lizard, which can make the boots seem cheap, or
if “the toes are too pointy, which makes your feet look a bit funny,” says Charles Malka. And retire
boots with studs, fold-over flaps, or other touches that scream of-the-moment fashion.
Patent Leather
Why it keeps coming back: Since its invention in the early 1800s, the high-gloss finish has been hot
(think Jazz Age Mary Janes and swingin’-60s go-go boots), not, and then hot again―repeatedly.
“Patent leather gives your outfit an instant wow factor, but it’s still an approachable and wearable
trend,” says Verdi.

Keep it if: It’s an accessory in a timeless style, such as a clutch or a simple handbag, skinny belt, or
pumps, “especially in a basic color that will always resurface, like black, nude, red, or Bordeaux,” says
Malka. Also a keeper: a patent trench coat with a classic cut.

Toss it if: It’s used in conjunction with another fad, like “a shiny shrunken jacket with shoulder pads,”
says Kressley. “Joan Collins gave hers away, and you should, too.” The odds that two trends are
going to be popular again at the same time are slim to none.
Why they keep coming back: Generations of high-stepping women have loved these shoes since
Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo crafted the first pair from wine-bottle corks in the 1930s.
“Wedges give women the psychological feeling of great height―but with much more comfort than
typical heels,” explains Verdi.

Keep them if: They’re in pristine condition. Wedges are often made from materials―like cork, natural
sisal, or Lucite―that are vulnerable to wear and tear. “This trend comes back in almost exactly the
same way, so hang on to the ones that have that vintage look,” says Kressley.

Toss them if: “They don’t have an open toe; closed-toe wedges tend to be uncomfortable, and you’re
never going to want to wear them again,” warns Nicole Miller. Says Charles Malka, “Chuck the winter
ones, too. This is a style mostly worn in the summer.”
Animal Prints
Why they keep coming back: "Animal prints play off the idea of women being vixenish, wild, and
fierce," says Steele. So it's no surprise that fashionistas have been spotted in the prints since the
cave-dwelling days―though the trend is most strongly identified with the 50s and 60s, when it was
favored by sultry pinup girls, like Bettie Paige and Ann-Margret.

Keep them if: The pattern is in the "large cat" family (cheetah and leopard prints) or black-and-white
zebra zigzags, which have the most staying power. Accessories like handbags, belts, and ballet flats
hold up well, as do blouses and basic sweaters, like cardigans and V-necks. And stow coats and
dresses with enduring silhouettes, such as wrap dresses and A-line designs.

Toss them if: "The print is really bold―giraffe or spotted pony―or in unnatural colors, like lime green
or pink," says Kressley. Also ditch larger-than-life patterns that aren't true to scale.
The Beauty of A Smile
It seems that nothing has more power to elevate a mood than the impact of a genuine smile. Surprisingly enough, the benefits of a
smile extend not only to the recipient of the warm gesture but also to the smile’s originator. Yes, the old quotation may be true. “A
smile is a little curve that sets a lot of things straight.” Here are some of the many benefits of a smile.
A Healthier Immune System.
Various studies conducted over the years have shown that smiling and
laughter can boost the functioning of the immune system. This may help to
reduce your risk of developing everything from the common cold to chronic
diseases such as cancer. Could there be a less expensive medicine than

Helps To Relieve Stress.
Smiling and laughter helps to promote release of a “feel good” group of
hormones called endorphins. These are the same group of hormones
responsible for the runners high you hear so much about. If you don’t have
time to get to the gym for a hard run, try adding a smile and a bit of laughter
to boost these natural, stress relieving hormones.
A Smile is Beautiful.
Why do teen girls spend many dollars on makeup and cosmetic procedures to look
more attractive and then walk around with a scowl on their faces? The most beautiful
face in the world will not be pleasing with down turned lips and a sour expression. In
contrast, a plain face can be transformed by the power of a smile. If you want to look
better, try adding a genuine smile.
A Smile Inspires Others.
When you smile at friends, family, fellow students and even stranger you not only
boost your own health and beauty, you also send a positive message that can
potentially change someone else’s mood for the better. The stranger you graced
with your smile may go on to pass the kindness to someone else. Who knows how
far your original smile will travel?
Smiling Can Increase Your chances for Success.
When you smile, you appear confident and capable. Given the choice between two equally
qualified job candidates, the smiling candidate is going to be perceived as being more of a team
player and easier to work with. Who do you think is more likely to get the job offer?

The next time you’re tempted to face the world with a frown, remember another old quotation.
“It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to frown”.
Is Your Smile Healthy and Beautiful?
One of the most difficult aspects of your looks to control is your smile. No matter what you do, it seems that at times it just turns
yellow and there’s not a single thing you can do to stop it. You look at yourself in the mirror and you aren’t pleased with what you
see – and you shouldn’t be, considering your smile is nothing like what it once was. So what do you do about this problem?

You can try some natural solutions – you’ve obviously seen that simply brushing your teeth regularly sometimes isn’t enough. You
can try mixing some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, and use the solution to brush your teeth with it – if you get a taste that’s
too unpleasant, simply add some regular toothpaste to the mix. In the end, the solution should be powerful enough to reduce any
stains on your teeth and get your smile back on track.
How To Have A Beautiful Smile
Begin with a healthy diet.
Avoid snacking between meals. Brush and floss your teeth after every meal. If you must snack, make them healthy
snacks Instead of snacking on junk food, try chewing on fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the crunchy foods.
Apples, pears, celery and carrots are good suggestions. They will aid in enzyme production and the natural
chewing of the crunchy foods will stimulate the gums.
Drink plenty of water.
Keep your mouth moist and avoid dry mouth. Remember that dry mouth is a harbinger of dental
disease. We also need that water to stimulate the production of saliva.

Avoid drinking soda pop.
Americans consume gallons of soda pop a day. Most is loaded with sugar which obviously
leads to dental disease and discolored teeth. Don’t be fooled by a “diet soda” label. Even they
have huge amounts of acids that are deadly to the enamel on your teeth.

And, if you thought that just sodas are the culprit, think again. A recent study claims that all
those popular sports drinks we buy may not be such a good idea after all. They may re-hydrate
the body, but they can cause irreversible damage to the dental enamel.
The study reports that fitness water, sports drinks, energy drinks and other non-cola beverages increase the risk of damage by
anywhere from 3 to 11 times!
It should be mentioned that the findings are indicative of long term use. However, it appears that these drinks may not necessarily
beneficial as a substitute for plain old-fashioned fresh water!
This process involves the application of a rubber shield or a gel to your gums before work
commences. This is necessary in order to prevent harm to the soft tissue. Bleaching material is
then applied, sometimes using a laser light to enhance the procedure. The process may require
several visits to the dental office.

Kits for bleaching are available for home use and you might discuss choose to discuss that
possibility with your dentist. The actual bleaching agent is carbamide peroxide solution. It usually
comes as a gel and placed in a mouthguard. The frequency and length of treatment will vary from
person to person depending on the amount and intensity of whitening you desire. This should be
discussed with your dentist before proceeding.

Occasionally there is some soft tissue irritation. If you experience any side effects from using the
agent, contact the dentist immediately.
Teeth whitening strips.
Teeth whitening strips are simply cool!
These are probably the most convenient advancement in dental care in decades
taking the concept of tooth bleaching to an entire new level of speed and

The whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide which is embedded in
transparent material that fits over the teeth. Almost totally undetectable when
worn, the peroxide goes to work as soon as they are activated by the moisture in
your mouth. (Another good reason to avoid dry mouth!)
There are several brand names on the market and all work pretty much the same. They are applied over the teeth and worn for 30
minutes twice a day for 21 days, or you may select the type that can be worn overnight whitening the teeth while you are sleeping.

How long the effects last will vary depending on diet and lifestyle. Your teeth will stain again, but you can lengthen the time between
incidences by avoiding tobacco, tea, red wine, colored juices, curry, soy and soft drinks. If you are on well water, you might want to
have the water tested. High concentrations of minerals in your water will cause staining of your teeth. Or, you may just opt for
bottled water. The results from the teeth whitening strips are absolutely incredible and you would do well to give them a try.
The Cutoff Age For Miniskirts? Survey Says...35!
Don't tell Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, or
Gwyneth Paltrow, but according to a new survey, women should stop wearing miniskirts at age 35!
Every one of the aforementioned celebs has recently rocked a
mini, and thanks to their gorgeous gams, every one of 'em pulled it
off perfectly. But if the results of a new survey, published in Daily
Mail, are to be believed, these ladies are committing a fashion
crime. The study polled 2,000 women age 18 to 65 and found that
"mini-skirts are a 'no-no' on anyone aged 35 or more," along with a
slew of other cutoff dates, like no bikinis over 47 (unless you're
Helen Mirren--remember when we decided she's the exception, not
the rule, and when you look like this in a two-piece, you can do
whatever the heck you please?!), no high heels over 51 (I call BS!),
and no leggings after 45.

As with all fashion rules, some of these were just made to be
broken and really should be judged on a case-by-case basis (if
you've got it, flaunt it, right?), but overall, I think some of their
guidelines make sense. Here's the full list:
* Bikini, 47
* Mini skirt, 35
* Boob Tube, 33
* Stilettos, 51
* Belly button piercing, 35
* Knee high boots, 47
* Trainers, 44
* Leather trousers, 34
* Leggings, 45
* Ugg boots, 45
* Swimsuit, 61
* Tight vest, 44
* See-through chiffon blouse, 40
* Long hair, 53
* Ponytail, 51
What do you think, ladies? Any cutoffs that you particularly agree or disagree with? At what age will you stop wearing a miniskirt?
Posted by Glamour Magazine
Fashion and Grooming Items to Steal from the Boys
by Ariel Kaiser
While wearing menswear-inspired clothes can be a highly attractive look (see: Katharine Hepburn), what we're suggesting here is
to try stuff marketed to men ONLY. Thinking outside the box is a great way to shop and create a unique, personal style. Tired of
being pigeon-holed into a specific, too-delicate demographic that still idolizes "Sex and the City," and obsesses over flowers and
hot pink? This trend is for you. Whether it's as simple as trying a new body scrub or as bold as wearing a chunky men's watch, it's
fun to blur the gender lines.
Worn Leather Belt
My favorite fashion accessory across the board in the whole wide world is a brown belt that my dad
made in a leather-working class when he was 19. I love to cinch the waists of my favorite flowy
dresses and skirts to toughen them up, tie them over my trench coats, and add them to my favorite
black skinny jeans. Men's belts just add a certain edge to the best outfits.
Chambray Shirt
I love the look of a men's tailored shirt either belted with flat sandals in the summer, left open over
a swimsuit or even tucked into skinny pants with feminine heels. It provides that perfect and
often-coveted rugged/polished mix.
Chunky Watch
The best jewelry trend right now is the piling on of unique and complimentary bracelets on a
sun-kissed patch of arm. Try adding a men's watch to the mix for the ultimate in cool.
Hey, deodorant companies: women don't always want to smell like a flower field, powder room, or
vanilla chai latte (yes, this is actually a deodorant scent). My fiancé wears this delicious-smelling
one from Old Spice and honestly, if he didn't give me such a weird look every time I got caught
using it, I'd use it every single day. Maybe I should just buy my own...
Body Scrub
Body scrubs for men are often rougher and grainier, because the people who concoct these
potions have gotten it in their heads that women want daintier body scrubs. Well, they are wrong!
We want body-sloughing scrubs, too! Until then, let's steal from our men, shall we?
Why is it that men's umbrellas, specifically of the golf variety, are constructed SO much better than
women's? You don't generally see teeny, tiny hot pink umbrellas the size of Derek Zoolander's cell
phone tucked into men's briefcases, do you? Do women not care as much about staying dry in the
rain as men? I think not. Get your hands on one of these beautifully-constructed portable rain
barriers immediately and do not look back.
Bonus Item! Blazer from the Little Boys' Section
If you can manage to get your hands on a boys' size large navy wool blazer with gold buttons, don't
hesitate! These look so cute over a dress or with a skirt and top because the fit is a bit shrunken,
but still boxy enough to be playful.
Ingrown Hair Treatment
Creams and lotions made to soothe male facial shaving injuries are a no-brainer for female
mishaps, as well. Think about it; what area is more sensitive than the skin on your face?