August 28th, 2013
Krishna Janamashtami
Janmashtami is a festival full of joy and gaiety. It celebrates with great pomp and show, the
birth of Lord Krishna, the 8th re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who gave us the vital message
of the Bhagwad Gita.

Sri Krishna was born more than 5000 years ago in the 28th year of Dwapur Yug.
Janmashtami is about the joy people all over the world feel for their beloved Lord Krishna. It
is one of the most celebrated festivals for Hindus not only in India but also, all over the world.
Sri Krishna  descends from time to time in this material world to reestablish the teachings of the Vedas. In His Bhagavad-gita, Lord
Krishna promises: "Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, at that time I descend Myself. To deliver the pious
and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion,
I Myself appear milleniumm after millenium."
Krishna enjoyed the dance of love (rasa-lila) with the gopis many of whom are expansions of
His own internal energies. This beautiful dance would occur in the autumn season at night
under a full moon when Lord Krishna would captivate the young gopis with the extraordinary
music of His flute .
These esoteric pastimes constitute the
most confidential expression of divinity
ever revealed. These early pastimes of
Lord Krishna in Vrindavana illustrate
the extraordinary intimacy that one can
have with God.
Janmashtami Celebrations:
Sri Krishnashtami is celebrated with lot of pomp and
show. During the midnight celebration, lord's idol is
bathed with Panchamrit (A mixture of milk, ghee, oil,
honey and Gangajal) , and then the cradle is rocked.
Devotees fast all day long and break it after the birth of
Bhagwan Krishna at midnight. Songs and hymns are
sung by people accompanied by dancing in praise of
their favourite 'Maakhan Chor'. Aarti is performed by
blowing conch and ringing of bells. Elaborate Pooja
(Prayer) and ceremonies are held in the honour of
Bhagwan. Prasad is distributed among devotees after
the birth ceremony.
~Janmashtami creates an environment of happiness and joy among the devotees. With loads of
ongoing fun activities, people are lost in the joy of divine songs and dances performed in praise
of Lord. Colorful Rasleela (plays) are performed by devotees depicting significant phases and
acts of Lord's life.

Rasleela is a divine sport which Sri krishna played with his gopis on the banks of river Yamuna
in Vrindavan.
Lord Krishna was loved immensely by gopis. The love gopis felt for Lord
was not carnal,it was prerna (Divine love).The love for Sri Krishna was
so strong that gopis forgot all about their worldly chores. The gopis were
totally merged in the love of god through the practice of constant smaran

Radha was the most important gopi and closest to the Lord.
Her love for Lord Krishna was complete and in its purest form.
~As Lord Krishna was very fond of sweets, milk and other milk products like butter and buttermilk, so his devotees make sweets of these
products to commemorate the occasion. Sweets like Kheer, Pedha or Gulabjamun are the major dishes prepared on Krishnashtami.
Besides, Shrikhand and Singhare ki Poori are also made in households.
~The ritual of Dahi Handi is carried out with much fanfare and joy. Human pyramid is formed to break the Handi (Earthen Pot)
suspended from top with the help of a rope. The exciting process involves throwing water by the onlookers to prevent the boys from
breaking the earthen pot. Dahi Handi ritual is most popularly celebrated in Mumbai.
In the month of Sravana, around July 19th 3227 BC in a prison cell in Mathura city
to Vasudev and Devki.
0 to 3 Years
Lived in the neighboring town of Gokul with Nand and Yashoda, performed bal
leela, including killing of demoness Putana, Trinivatra etc.
3 to 7 Years
Started living in Vrindavan, Killing of Demons Bakasura, Aghasura and Dhanuka.
7 to 10 Years
Lifting of Govardhan hill, played rasleelas with Gopis, Invited for a wrestling match
by Kansa which results in his killing.
10 to 28th Years
Lived in Mathura and protected it from many Demons. Took the lessons in all the
sixty four arts from Muni Sandeepani and perfected all the arts.
29 to 125 Years
Established kingdom in the city of Dwarka with Brother Balram. Married Rukmini
and 16000 other princesses. Helped Pandavas win the battle of Mahabharata,
explains teachings to Arjuna later written down by Rishi Vyas as Bhagwad Gita.
125th Year
Fall of Yaduvanshi dynasty due to fraternal killing. Disappearance of Lord
Krishna on 18th February 3102 BC.
Sri Krishna's Lifetime Chart
Age of Lord
  • Lord Krishna alighted on mother Earth with the primary objective of reducing the growing power of the
    demons and relieving people from their cruelties.
  • The secondary objective was fighting the historical battle in Kurukshetra in order to deliver justice to
    Pandavas. Having accomplished his missions and establishing peace , it was time for Lord to end his
    life journey on Earth.
  • Mahabharata, the historical battle fought in Kurukshetra resulted in the death of all the hundred sons
    of King Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Lord Krishna is said to have visited Mother Gandhari to offer his
    condolence. In a fit of rage and sorrow, Mata Gandhari cursed Bhagwan Krishna that just as the
    Kaurava dynasty had ended fighting with each other, similarly the Yaduvanshi dynasty would end
    fighting and killing each other.Lord Krishna happily accepted the curse.
  • According to a folklore, Sage Vishwamitra and Sage Narada once visited the city of Dwarka to meet
    Lord Krishna. A few children of Lord Krishna dressed up Samba (Son of Sri Krishna and Jambavati) as
    a pregnant woman and asked the visiting sages to foretell what kind of a child Samba will bear. Feeling
    insulted, the sages cursed that Samba will give birth to an Iron rod which in turn will be instrumental in
    the fall of the Yaduvanshi Dynasty. The very next day, Samba gave birth to an iron rod. One day, the
    Yadavas became drunk and killed each other with iron rods. None of them survived. Lord Krishna was
    shattered to see the Dynasty perish.
  • On seeing the end of Yaduvanshi clan, Lord Balram the elder brother of Sri Krishna sat under a tree
    and ended his life by breathing out life from his mouth in the form of a white serpent.
  • Lord Krishna was disillusioned with the fraternal killing among the Yaduvanshis. He went to a forest
    near Somnath to meditate. A hunter mistook the lord's feet to be a deer and accidentally shot him with
    the arrow. Lord Krishna's spirit left for heaven.
  • Bhagwan Krishna's disappearance marks the beginning of the current age known as Kaliyug.
There are quite a few reasons assigned to Lord Krishna's leaving his spirit for the heaven.
Lord Krishna’s Disappearance

Lord Krishna, the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, took birth on earth with a purpose. The main objective of taking
human form by the divine being was to rid mother Earth from the cruelties and increasing power of the demons.

~It is believed that Bhagwan Krishna lived on Earth with brother Balram for 125 years.
~According to researchers, Lord Krishna disappeared on 18th February 3102 BC. The period after his disappearance
marks the beginning of Kaliyug.
~It is said Bhagwan Krishna had predicted that exactly seven days after the disappearance of the Lord, the Golden city
of Dwarka in Gujarat will drown in the sea. Indeed Dwarka city is said to have been merged in sea owing to torrential