August 8th, 2013
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Id Ul Fitr is a festival that marks the end of the Ramzan

Ramzan is the ninth month in the Muslim calendar. The Holy
Koran was revealed in this month. Ramzan is thus regarded
as highly auspicious month and fasting and prayers mark it.
Muslims keep a fast every day during Ramzan.

Muslims through out the world observe fast throughout this
month and eat and drink only in the night. All types of
entertainments and ceremonies are shunned during this
period as it is exclusively meant to dedicate oneself to Allah
and show devotion by prayers at all the prescribed times,
reciting Quran and celebrating nights with feasts and family
get- together.
People also do a lot of charity on this auspicious day as a
part of the festive rituals.
Eid is the time for celebration and marks the happiness or festivity for the men and women who follow the doctrines
of Islam. It is one of the most important sacred festivals in the Muslim religion.
The word “Eid” connjures up visions of palms painted red with henna, the excitement of
new Eid clothes donned before daybreak in the rush to Salatul Eid (Eid prayers), and the
aroma of “sevvayian” simmering on the stovetop.Eid al-Fitr is also known as chhoti (small)
or meethi (sweet) Eid, and the day on this Eid begins with a special-made breakfast
consisting of Vermicelli or sevaiyyaan.

Eid preparations start with the beginning of the month of Ramadan and continue
throughout the month. It is customary for almost everyone to wear new dress. So the
shopping goes on throughout the month of Ramadan.
The marketplaces are decorated to welcome Eid shoppers. Special sale
prices are offered on garments and shoes. Young girls and older women
wear bangles made of fine glass. The night when the moon is sighted is
fixed for this activity. Womenfolk in huge numbers throng the special bangle
stalls and shops as soon as the Shawwal moon is sighted. Men and elders
usually exchange moon greetings.
The next day is Eid, a public holiday, and a great occasion for rejoicing.
Rising early, the rich as well as the poor wash, dress up in new clothes,
and start the day with a light breakfast which usually consists of

Then the men congregate at the mosques or eidgahs (large enclosures
for prayers). On the way they pass out the obligatory alms called fitra.
When Eid prayers and Thanksgivings are over, they hug and
congratulate each other and later during the day, they visit relatives,
friends, and neighbors.
After offering Eid prayers, which is an occasion for expressing thanks to Allah, the men return home and wishing children, women and elders of the
household Eid Mubarak eat the sweet dish known as Vermicelli or sheer-khurma (dates cooked in milk and served with wheat noodles). Also as an
additional treat, a variety of dishes are cooked. Festivities continue till late night, and in some towns a popular fair or mela is held for recreational
For the children it is a very happy day because they receive money from all the elders, to spend and enjoy
themselves. They also can receive clothes or gifts. Employees get bonuses, factories and offices close down for a
couple of days, and food and money are distributed to the poor.

Because it marks the end of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr is always an occasion for a big meal, and families come together
for a day of joy and thanksgiving.
Eid is a festivity linked with happiness and joy after the fasting month of
Ramadan. Though the present era has brought quick changes in its
trends, yet people love to celebrate the Eid Day with various age old
traditions which add color and beauty to the occasion.

The distribution of bangles and henna as gifts among the girls on Eids,
especially on Eidul Fitr, is an old tradition of the sub-continent.
May it be the colourful and glittering bangles or the intricate henna
patterns on the hands of damsels, the traditional aura remains in the air.

Girls who rarely wear jewelry in everyday life, enjoy wearing bangles on
this special day as an addition to their Eid preparations. The choice is
wide, ranging from glass bangles to the trendy metal wear, however the
selection lies with the taste as well as the combination of the Eid clothes.

Colour of the occasion is also supplemented with the aroma of henna.
For any young girl or woman, the festival is simply incomplete with out a
dash of deep  brown or black twirls on their hands and feet. Henna is
tradition, and today this tradition is also rather trendy.

A day before Eid, Chand Raat, females apply intricate or abstract henna
patterns on their hands and arms. It's impossible to imagine Eid without
the custom of applying henna.
Dil Se Dil Tak 27 Sep, 2008
DSDT Eid Special
Listen to the Special Show while reading all about the celebrations of Eid.
A very Happy Eid Mubarak to all...
Eid ul Fitr is a festival that is widely celebrated by the Muslim Community across the world.This festival fiesta brings along a package of joy, conviviality
and a sublime flavor of food. Like any other festival, Eid ul Fitr is also celebrated with luscious dishes, meant especially for this day.

Scrumptious dishes are cooked and distributed among friends, families and relatives on Eid ul Fitr. These delicacies are prepared while taking special
care of the techniques that were used to cook them ages ago. These mouth-watering dishes can be prepared within no time and enjoyed with family and
friends. Their ingredients are easily available in the market and not many of them require exhaustive preparations.
Seviyan is a sweet dish that is made from vermicelli and milk. It is not only cooked on the special occasion of Eid
ul Fitr, but also taken as a dessert after a normal, everyday meal. It has a rich sweet taste and can be very easily
cooked with the least effort.
Sheer Khorma is a traditional festive Eid breakfast. Sheer, literally means
sweetened milk, while Korma is made of dried dates. Sheer Khorma is cooked
as a dessert at the time of celebrations. It is served to the family on the morning
of Eid and to all the guests who visit the house on the festival of Eid.
Nawabi Biryani is a special dish made on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr. It is a non-vegetarian dish which is made by
using liberal amount of raisins, and is called ‘Nawabi’ Biryani precisely for this reason. Its ingredients are easily
available in the market, and it is also easy to cook.
Badam Phirni is a sweet dish cooked on the festival of Eid ul Fitr. Though phirni is loved by all, it can be a real
treat for those who love milk and milk products. Desserts are the pick of every festive meal and Badam Phirni has
a smooth, rich and creamy taste, to live up to the flavor of the special occasion of Eid.