A Chicago librarian suffers from a rare genetic disorder that sends him hurtling through time whenever he is under extreme duress; despite the
fact that he vanishes at inordinately frequent and lengthy intervals, he attempts to build a stable future with the beautiful young heiress he
loves. Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams star in this dramatic fantasy, which is directed by Robert Schwentke and based on the best-selling book
by author Audrey Niffenegger.
Courtesy: msn.com
"The Time Traveler's Wife"  (August 2009)
Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana
(AUGUST 2009)
Cast: Brad Pitt, Shosanna Dreyfus
During World War II a group of
Jewish-American soldiers known as "The
Basterds" are chosen specifically to spread
fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping
and brutally killing Nazis. The Basterds soon
cross paths with a French-Jewish teenage
girl who runs a movie theater in Paris which
is targeted by the soldiers.

                                            Courtesy: msn.com
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Tere Sang (August 2009)
Starring: Ruslaan Mumtaz,Sheena Shahabadi,Satish Kaushik,Sushmita
Mukherjee,Rajat Kapoor,Neena Gupta,Anupam Kher
Maahi, (Sheena) the only child of the 'Puri' family is a sweet & bubbly 15 year old Delhi girl. She belongs to a prosperous family and
has the best of material comforts and education. While Kabir is a 17 year old typical teenager, - aspiring, arrogantly negligent,
clueless and rebellious, unreasonably demanding, loving yet not romantic, suppressed yet self-assured. He comes from a family that's
at the lower end of society yet beautifully bonded.

Like most youngsters Maahi and Kabir become friends. While Maahi loves the small town - suburban life style of Kabir's family, Kabir
finds the urban, up market life style that Maahi is living exciting. As the relationship grows, so does the intimacy. On a camping trip on
New Year's Eve, after just getting a little tipsy - the young couple in all their innocence give in to their hormonal drives & Maahi gets

What follows is a journey of accepting one's mistakes & owning up to it, a tale of courage & determination. It's a cry for help by those
numerous Kidult couples that have & are facing such a dilemma in their lives at this very moment. It's an attempt to bring to light an
issue... teenage pregnancy... which is rampant & is growing exponentially in the current Indian society - modern & rural.
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Three - Love, Lies & Betrayal
Cast: Ashish Chowdhry,Nausheen Ali Sardar,Akshay Kapoor
Director: Vishal Pandya
Three is a story which is about the happenings in a house in a place called Purple lake. The story revolves around, Mrs.
Anjini Dutt (Nausheen Ali Sardar), who is married, and is also a violin teacher and is running the house with whatever she
earns. Her husband, Rajeev Dutt (Akshay Kapoor), who has not been able to earn much lives in her house and on her
money, which is the reason for his anger and frustration, and that frustration is also very visible in their marriage, he
pushes his wife away because of the ego which has been growing in him over the years.

Rajeev finally gathers the courage and asks her to sell her house, and give him the money to invest in the business; she
gets furious as her house is her only connection with her parents who are no more. She decides to help her husband and
give one portion of her house on rent so that her husband can use the money for his business.

Sanjay (Ashish Chowdhary) comes to stay in her house as a tenant, and reads the tension between the couple, he
sympathizes with her and in the process she falls in love with her lacking the love in her marriage.

Is Sanjay's love for real? Has Mrs. Dutt made a mistake? Will she have to pay for it with her house...or even her life?

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Three - Love. Lies.

Into their house,
They let in a stranger.
Two lived happily
Now, three live in danger
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The film revolves around Professor Parimil Tripathi (Dharmendra), a botany professor who falls in love with and marries his
sweetheart Sulekha (Sharmila Tagore). Parimil is a rather humorous person who loves pulling  pranks. Sulekha, on the other hand,
is always in absolute envy of her friend Raghav Jijaji (Om Prakash). She feels Jijaji is simply amazing and no one can make a fool
out of him. Parimil decides to trick Sulekha’s beloved Jijaji by playing a trick on him. Jijaji is yet to see Parimil hence making things
a lot easier.
Like all Hrishikesh Mukerjee films, this one boasts of a simple story, a story that has the audience in splits. Dialogues by Gulzar are
the highlight of the movie, and those uttered by Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan and Om Prakash are frankly hilarious.
Rib tickling every time! That is one sentence to describe Chupke Chupke, a comedy that undoubtedly ranks as one of the top five in
Hindi Cinema. Chupke Chupke is simply lovable and is one film that demands repeat viewings. It is a true classic comedy and one
that makes sure you will have a smile on your face from the beginning to the very end.
Chupke Chupke
Genre: Comedy
Director: Hrishikesh Mukerjee, Music: S D Burman,
Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, Jaya
Are you totally confused?
You must watch  the movie to
see how the film revolves
around the resolution of these
funny mishaps .
Jijaji was looking for a driver who speaks "shudh" Hindi and is from his hometown Illahbad. Parimil decides to become
Pyaremohan Illahbadi, a motor mouth driver who hates the English language and speaks only Hindi. Now begins the comedy of
errors, as Parimil and Sulekha play prank after prank.

First they pretend that Sulekha is not happy in her new marriage, then they put across the impression that Sulekha is having an
affair with Pyaremohan, the driver, and if that was not enough they get Parimil’s long time friend Suv Kumar Sinha (Amitabh
Bachchan), who is also a Professor, but in English literature, to pretend to be Parimil. But as it happens, Suv falls in love with
Vasudha (Jaya Bachchan) who thinks that Suv Kumar is in fact Parimil.