Silence is Golden

Once upon a time, a Chinese student once went to his teacher.

He asked his teacher a question: "Sir, is there any good in talking a lot?"

The teacher replied: "Toads and frogs croak night and day,
but no one pays any attention to them. But the cock crows at a certain
time of night and wakes up everyone."

The teacher smiled at his student and said,
"This proves that no good is achieved by talking a lot. What is important is to say
the right thing at the right time."

                         Abdullah's Gold

Abdullah was one of the richest men in town, but you could easily mistake him for a beggar. It was his theory that
since there were so many people out to rob a rich man, it was safe to pretend to be poor. And so he did.

But he really didn't have to pretend. Stingy to the core he found it very easy to be poor. So what if people sniggered
and children called out, "Kanjoos! Kanjoos!" (miser, miser), whenever he passed by in his worn-out clothes. Abdullah
became more and more content with his growing pile of money as the years went by.

One day, he bought a huge lump of gold with all the money he had amassed. He dug a hole in the ground near an
unused well and buried the gold there. He was sure that no thief would be able to find that place. With this happy
thought, Abdullah checked on his treasure daily.

But can you really keep a hiding place hidden if you looked at it every day?

Before long, the town was whispering about Abdullah's mysterious
visits to the unused well in the dead of the night.
It wasn't long before a curious soul discovered the gold,
let out a yell of joy and ran away with the miser's treasure.

Naturally, on his next visit, Abdullah found the hole empty.
He began howling with grief and soon a crowd had assembled. They watched him grieve
the way people mourn the loss of a dear one.

Finally, a neighbour came forward and asked him to stop it. "You want your gold? Just pick up a heavy stone and drop
it in the hole. Pretend it is the gold you lost."

"How can you make fun of me at a time like this," wailed the stricken man.

"I'm not making fun of you, friend!" said the wise neighbour. "How did you use the gold while it was here, except gaze
at it every day? You could do the same with a stone."

Abdullah was silenced.
Father to six year old son: A big boy like you shouldn't be afraid of the dark!

Son: That's easy for you to've got mum to look after you!
Two school children were talking at breaktime:

Mehul: The clock fell off the wall in class this morning. If it had fallen a
moment sooner, it would have hit Miss Pringle on the head.

Manoj: That clock was always slow!
Mum: Come on, Bunty, eat your breakfast and get off to school.

Bunty: I don't want to go to school.

Mum: You must go.

Bunty: But I don't want to go. The teachers don't like me, the
children don't like me - even the caretaker doesn't like me.

Mum: That may be so, but you still have to go.

Bunty: Why?

Mum: Because you're the headmaster!
First dog: I ate a roll of movie film for my lunch.

Second dog: Did you like it?

First dog: No, it had a sad ending!
When a mother saw a thunderstorm forming in mid-afternoon, she
worried about her seven-year old daughter who would be walking the 3
blocks from school to home.

Deciding to meet her, the mother saw her walking nonchalantly along,
stopping to smile whenever lightning flashed.

Glimpsing her mother, the little girl ran to her, explaining enthusiastically,
"All the way home, God's been taking my picture!"
Riddle # 1
What is the difference between - a bottle of medicine and a doormat?

One is shaken up and taken and the other is taken up and shaken.

Riddle # 2
What are the speaking gadgets called that can be found on the end of


Riddle # 3
What is the difference between a forged rupee note and an insane rabbit?

One is bad money and the other is a mad bunny.

Riddle # 4
What would you call a small wound?

A short cut!
Once at night I thought I saw a ghost
But instead of being scared I could boast
that ghosts do nothing to scare me
I could face them and still be
It's the maths teacher I'm scared of most !
There once was a fellow from Sindh
Who went for a walk in the wind.
He was blown away
On that windy day
Because he was much too thinned !
There once was a boy called Himansh,
Who had to dance and dance.
He danced all the day
And the whole night away,
Because he had ants in his pants!
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Story:   Jo Howa Acha Hi Howa
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