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A man, who had traveled around the world quite often, returned to his own country.

He was boastful of the many wonderful and heroic feats he had performed in the different places he had

Among other things, he said, "When I was at Rhodes I had leaped to such a distance that no man of my
day could leap anywhere near me. There were in Rhodes many persons who saw me do it and whom I
could call as witnesses."

One of the bystanders interrupted him, saying: "Now, my good man, if this is true there is no need of
witnesses.  Suppose this to be Rhodes, and leap for us."

Moral: Let your actions speak for themselves.
The Boasting Traveler
Two men were traveling together, when a Bear suddenly met them on their  path.

One of them climbed up quickly into a tree and hid in the branches. The  other, feeling
that he would be attacked, fell flat on the ground.

The Bear came up and felt him with his snout, and smelt him all over. He  held his breath,
and pretended to be dead.

The Bear soon left him, for it is said bears will not touch a dead body.

When the bear was quite gone, the other Traveler came down out of the  tree.  With a
clever grin, he inquired of his friend, "Just what was it that the Bear whispered in your

His companion replied, "He gave me this advice:  Never travel  with a friend who deserts
you at the approach of danger."

Moral: Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends.
The Bear and the Two Travelers
There once lived a pundit by the name of Poornananda in a village far away.

He had two disciples-- Nagendra and Krishna.

One day while  the two were coming to the village from the city, Naga (Nagendra's nickname) picked a
fight with a horse cart driver.  The fight reached flashpoint and Naga, unable to contain himself any
longer, slapped the horse cart  driver. The driver fell down.

Poornananda, who happened to witness the incident, came to the horse cart driver's rescue.

" What have you done Naga? Is this what I taught you?"

Feeling ashamed of himself, after hearing his guru's words, Naga fell at his feet and begged forgiveness.  
But Krishna was watching all this with glee.  

"Nagendra was a big bully. It's good that you came along, guru. This incident is a shame even to me,"
Krishna said.  

On hearing this Poornanada's face turned red.  "One is a big bully.  But what about the other?  Quietly
watching the fight with  glee! So you, too, are equally guilty."

Krishna hung his head in shame.
The Culprit
A farmer owned a mule which he used for work all week. But being a Church-going man, he let the mule rest on Sunday.

One Sunday, the farmer had to go to a funeral. So he sent his son to saddle the mule.

"Since when do I have to work on Sunday?" asked the mule.

The boy dropped the saddle and ran to the house.

"Paw, the mule talked!" he shouted.

"Can't you even saddle the mule?" asked the farmer.

"But Paw, the mule don't want to work on Sunday," the boy protested.

The farmer sent the boy to his room for talking crazy and went out to saddle the mule.

"Move over," he said to the mule.

"Where's my supper?" asked the mule.

The farmer dropped the saddle in the same spot as his boy and ran out of the barn, followed by the dog.

"I ain't never heard a mule talk before," he gasped.

"Me neither," said the dog.

The man bolted for the house and slammed the door.

"The mule talked!" he told his wife.

"What!" said his wife.

"And when I exclaimed: 'I ain't never heard a mule talk before', the dog said: 'Me neither'."

"That's crazy," said his wife.

"What's so crazy about that?" asked the cat. "Haven't you ever heard of a talking mule?"
The Talking Mule
Oops, Oh and OK were pals.

One day, Oops got visitors - uncle Silly and cousin Funny.

Uncle Silly said, "What about some ice creams?"

Oops said "Oops!" Oh said "oh!" and uncle Silly thought they didn't want ice cream.

He said. "We won't go".

Cousin Funny said "I'll screammmmm!!!" so they all went for ice creams.
His name should be Punny not Funny, eh?

Oops, Oh and OK dropped ice cream all over their shorts and T-shirts. Ugh-Yucky-Sticky.

Uncle Silly said, " I'll spank you!"

Before Oops or Oh could say any thing OK said "ok!". So uncle Silly got ready to spank them. But cousin Funny laughed so
much that he fell on uncle Silly and dropped his ice cream all over uncle Silly's shirt.

Uncle Silly had to spank them for ice creamy clothes too. So he did and got tired of spanking and didn't anymore.

Oops said "Oops!" Oh said "Oh, you're silly, Uncle." And OK said "That's Ok!" and Cousin Funny laughed. Uncle Silly said,
"Of course I'm Silly' and they all went home happily.
Oops, Oh, OK
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