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Program Dil Se Dil Tak has been on the airwaves of Ft. Worth and surrounding cities in Texas since
2001. It has been enjoyed by listeners all over the world via the internet.
Whether you like inspirational music, latest songs, or oldies; humor , shair o shayari, or interesting
articles.We have it all on Dil Se Dil Tak.
Close your eyes… and… imagine this..
A baby’s heartbeat in the mother’s womb…the first sign of life.
The rhythm of two hearts beating together in unison…a sure sign of two people in love.

That’s what this radio show is all about.
Lets say you are in your cozy living room with a bunch of close friends, having a good time.
What would you talk about? Movies? Fashion? Bollywood Gossip? Maybe you are into poetry, or
have a great sense of humor.
On the GupShup page,we have tried to create a fun environment
with a variety of subjects that will capture your interest.  
Check out the interesting topics that we have in GupShup.:
To quote Zig Ziglar,"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does
bathing that's why we recommend it daily."
Get your daily dose of spiritual vitamins. Visit our Roshni page , where you will find
words of wisdom, motivation, and encouragement that will inspire you to live a life of
peace, happiness and hope. Let the light of the heavens flow through your heart and
illuminate your soul.
Most people save for retirement by focusing on their wealth. But you may accomplish
more by focusing on your health. The money we spend on treating diseases may be
saved by paying attention to our body through proper diet and exercise. Getting and
staying fit now may save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars later.
DSDT's  "Health Is Wealth" page brings information and tips to help you on   your way
to a healthy and, therefore, a wealthy lifestyle.
Kidz Konnectionz
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Handy Dandy Phone Numbers
Guddu, Pappu, Gudiya, Little one, Bambino. Whatever the name, it all means one
thing..child. Whether the child is a darling angel or the bratiest of brats, it is the most
beloved little thing in the world for a parent.
DSDT loves kids and has therefore dedicated a separate page for them. Moms,dads,
aunties, uncles and grandparents....take advantage of the Kidz Konnectionz page to
entertain and educate your tiny tots.          
For a relaxing afternoon, just like you would pick a good book and settle down with a
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