Top 5 Myths about Drinks - Debunked by Dietitians
                                  Diet Pop is healthier than Regular Pop

One can of regular pop contains about 135 kilocalories whereas a can of diet pop contains less than 10 kilocalories; some even
contain zero kilocalories. Therefore, it is true that diet pop contains fewer calories. However, it is rather difficult to agree that diet pop
is "healthier" as there is really nothing healthy about artificially colored and flavored water.
It is less fattening to drink juice than milk

Many people are surprised to learn that a glass of juice contains
more calories than a glass of one percent milk. Even two
percent milk has only 10 kilocalories more than a glass of
fruit juice, which has 120 kilocalories! While juice contains
mostly sugar and some vitamins, milk has more nutrients
such as protein, calcium, potassium and Vitamin D.
All bottled waters such as sparkling water, tonic water, flavored water, and mineral water are

Yes, plain bottled water is water and is   calorie-free. Some flavored waters are made with water and real
juice. However, many flavored waters are flavored with artificial sweeteners and contain little juice. Tonic
water, for instance, has 125 kilocalories per serving. Hence, always read the label and check the
ingredient list. If you drink bottled water instead of tap water regularly, make sure it contains fluoride.
Drinking wine instead of beer won't make a beer-belly

It is a common misconception that wine contains fewer calories than beer. It is
simply not true.  As a general rule, the sweeter the wine, the more sugar and
calories it contains.

Remember this next time when you are contemplating a second helping of
alcohol: calories from alcohol tend to be stored as fat in the abdomen. So, if
you drink alcohol on a regular basis (regardless of the kinds of alcohol), watch
out for the beer-belly!
               Coffee is the main source of caffeine

Friends have often told me that they quit drinking coffee for the sake of their hearts. Little
did they know that the can of pop in their hands has caffeine, too! Caffeine is widely found
in tea and canned drinks. Some drinks, such as Jolt and Red Bull, contain as much caffeine
as coffee!

In general, there is no harm to your health if you drink coffee in small to moderate amounts.
However, it is advised that people with high blood pressure and pregnant women limit their
caffeine consumption.
The Bottom Line
By substituting a can of pop or juice with a bottle of water every day, you may lose
as many as 15 pounds per year. In addition, walking the stairs for 15 minutes
every day, for instance, can help burn about 100 calories. It is that easy!

Remember, you always have a choice. When purchasing a bottle or canned drink,
make it a habit to check the Nutrition Facts. Try bringing your own drink to work
instead of choosing one from a vending machine with limited choice. This will not
only save your wallet but also your waistline.
Article contributed by Gloria Tsang, RD
Back Pain Exercise with Animated Examples
Do the following exercise for minimum 10 minutes every morning and shoot off the back pain.
Most of us sit in a single position for the whole day in the office, and in
the morning or evening drive all the way to our places. As a result, at
night, while going to bed, many of us experience a slight pain in the back.
Don’t ignore this pain at all, as it may lead to many other
diseases and disabilities.
Before you begin any exercise program, it is recommended to discuss
the program with your doctor.
It is important to exercise regularly, every other day.
Warm up by walking. Inhale deeply before each repetition of an exercise
and exhale when performing each repetition.

Exercise is important to strengthen your muscles.
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Eat This & That
If you eat a harmful food in concert with a healthful food, the harmful food's effect(s) may be
By: Nancy Kalish, PARADE
In a perfect world, you’d eat healthily all the time, but let’s get real. The good news: Consuming certain nutritious
foods with harmful foods can help minimize the damage.

You splurged on: Hot Dog
Your food Rx: Sauerkraut
Why it works:
Hot dogs are packed with nitrates, which have been linked to cancer, but
topping your dog off with some kraut can help prevent damage.
Sauerkraut is high in a powerful compound that may stop the nitrates
from converting into carcinogens.
You splurged on: High-Fat Meal
Your Food Rx: Grapes
Why it works:
Chowing down on a high-fat meal floods your system with triglycerides
and slows circulation. Consuming 1 cups of antioxidant-rich grapes with
your meal prevents some of the negative effects.
You splurged on: Salty Foods
Your Food Rx: Chocolate
Why it works:

Just indulged in a salty meal? A few squares of dark chocolate can lower
your blood pressure in as little as two hours. Have 2 ounces of chocolate
made of at least 60% cocoa for dessert.
You splurged on: Pizza
Your Food Rx: Rosemary
Why it works:

When pizza (or any high-carb food) is heated past 250˚, it creates
harmful chemicals that scientists have linked to an increased risk of
cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants in one tablespoon of fresh
rosemary added to the dough can slash the chemicals by 60%.
You splurged on: Red Meat
Your Food Rx: Red Wine
Why it works:

Drinking a glass of red wine with your steak can cut down on your body’s
absorption of toxins that can lead to heart disease. But don’t
overindulge: Seven ounces is all you need to benefit.
You splurged on: Grilled Chicken
Your Food Rx: Coleslaw
Why it works:

Grilled meats—pork, beef, and chicken—have been linked to an
increased cancer risk. Cruciferous vegetables, like the cabbage in slaw,
contain a compound that helps clear the carcinogens from your body.
You splurged on: Fast Food
Your Food Rx: Cherries
Why it works:

Eating a fast-food meal can unleash a torrent of free radicals that
damage cells. A dessert of cherries, blueberries, grapes, or kiwis will
speed antioxidants into your system to fight the damage.
You splurged on: Bagel
Your Food Rx: Vinegar
Why it works:

Vinegar can prevent the spikes in blood sugar caused by a carb-heavy
meal. A spoonful on your salad will slow digestion and help prevent the
peaks and valleys in glucose that can fuel overeating.
So you want to trim your middle. Time to hit the floor for a zillion crunches, right? Not so fast. Power crunching alone isn't
necessarily the best--and certainly not the most enjoyable--way to flatten your belly. When we talked to dozens of people, just like
you, who've toned their abs, we discovered their secrets include fun activities such as gardening, tennis, and dancing--with some
crunches in between for good measure. Leading weight loss and fitness experts also suggest some simple lifestyle changes to
provide you with a complete belly-flattening program.

So if you're sick of crunches--or not getting the results you want--read on for surprising ways to get a belly
worth baring.

Habits That Will Shrink Your Middle:

Calm down.
Too much stress can contribute to a potbelly. Stress increases levels of cortisol, a hormone that seems to direct fat
to our middle, says Jacob Seidell, PhD, of the National Institute of Public Health in Bilthoven, Netherlands. To keep levels low, try
this 5- to 10-minute stress reducer: Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Next, take several slow, deep breaths to help clear your
mind. Continue breathing deeply and repeat the word "one" to yourself as you exhale. (If you get distracted, just bring your focus
back to the word "one.") Practice this for 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a day.

Eat more fiber. Not only is fiber great for overall weight loss (it fills you up so you don't eat as much), it also prevents
constipation, which can cause your tummy to bulge, says Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, a gastroenterologist and director of the Johns
Hopkins Weight Management Center in Baltimore. To stay regular, aim for 22 to 25 g of fiber a day by eating more whole grains,
fruits, and vegetables; or try a fiber supplement such as Metamucil.

Drink up. For premenstrual bloating, drink lots and lots of water. This will actually help flush away bloating, not make it worse.
Keep bones strong. Osteoporosis can lead to fractured bones in your spine,
causing you to slump. That shortens your abdominal cavity, giving your belly no
place to go but out, says Willibald Nagler, MD, physiatrist in chief emeritus at the
New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center in New York City. If you're age 50 or
over, be sure to get 1,200 mg of calcium every day from the foods you eat and/or
from supplements. (If you're age 50 or younger, 1,000 mg a day is the ticket.)

Get your heart rate up. All the ab exercises in the world won't do a thing unless
you get rid of the fat hiding your abdominal muscles.

The best way is aerobic exercise for 45 to 60 minutes, five times a week. When
Barbara Taylor, 50, of Pasadena, CA, started running, walking, or stairclimbing
for about 1 hour, five days a week, she did more than just uncover her abs. She
went from a size 16 to a size 4 and lost more than 60 pounds.
Tuck that tummy. Jeanette Friedman, 54, of Austin, TX, suggests imagining there's a "magnet
pulling your belly button back toward your spine. Practice the tuck until it becomes comfortable,
and soon it will come naturally--like breathing," she says. "Do it every chance you get. That's
how habits start."

Get a bonus ab workout. Stand as much as possible when doing weight-lifting exercises. That
way your abs work too. "They help to balance and stabilize your body," says Tammy Strunk, an
Emmaus, PA, fitness instructor. Concentrate on keeping your abs tight and maintaining good
posture, but don't hold your breath.
Perfect Posture=Flat Tummy: 6 Tips

  • Stand up straight. Heeding Mom's advice can make you look 5 pounds thinner (and your abs flatter) instantly. To
    straighten up, imagine a string tugging you from the top of your head toward the ceiling.

  • Sit like a royal. Slumping accentuates your stomach. To improve your posture while sitting, start with your chair. If your
    chair seat is too high to let your feet touch the ground without slumping, find a footstool about 4 inches high to let you sit up
    straight. Or place a pillow at the small of your back to help bring you forward in your chair.

  • Try Callanetics. Gale Maleskey, 53, of Emmaus, PA, swears by this program. It helped her maintain a 28-inch waist.
    "After just two weeks, I realized I was tightening up." Callanetics crunches resemble most others, but there's a subtle
    difference: A very slight, gentle pulsing motion keeps your ab muscles continuously contracted.

  • Move those hips! Remember how much fun you had as a kid swiveling your hips inside a hula hoop?
Turns out, this late-'50s fad is an excellent waist slimmer. The longer and more often you do it, the better the results.
  • Work against gravity. Using an L-seat at the gym to do hanging leg lifts is one of the best exercises
    for your midsection. You're using the weight of your own legs against gravity. To do it: Support yourself
    on an L-seat with your forearms, legs hanging straight. Using your midsection muscles, slowly pull your
    knees up toward your chest and then lower. Keep your back against the seat, and don't swing your
    legs. For a more advanced move, keep your legs straight as you lift them.
Here's another way to do the leg lifts....

Do it at home. Here's a variation of the previous exercise that doesn't require gym equipment: Sit up straight in a
firm, armless chair. Place your hands on the sides of the chair in front of your hips. Tightening your abs and
supporting yourself with your hands, slowly pull your knees up toward your chest. Keep your lower back against the
chair back. Hold and then slowly lower.
Flatten Your Belly
super secrets to trim your tummy
By Linda Rao