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Shortage of original ideas in Bollywood?
Rani seems a bit uncomfortable,
don't you think?
I must say Kareena rocks in the
skimpy outfit!
Deepika Padukone was the showstopper for
Shantanu and Nikhil at Lakme India Fashion
Week Summer/Resort

Looks like an Under Construction sign.
See the similarity?
SRK & Family
Kodak Moment & Media
Showstopper or Under Construction?
Gone are the days when Bollywood celeb’s kids were not media friendly. Some time back, Akshay Kumar’s son refused to be
photographed at a function where he was honored, while Shah Rukh Khan’s kids were also seen hiding from camera lenses. But
now state of affairs is totally changed. Recently, at various functions these kids who once refused to be photographed were super
friendly with the media.
Check out some unknown facts about the King of Bollywood
Shah Rukh Khan.
  • SRK’s obsessive! He has an outfit from every movie he’s
    done as a keepsake.

  • The actor likes creativity in unexpected places, like the
    Louis Vuitton elevator, which is pitch black and all you hear
    is the sound of your breath.

  • What makes him happy? Throw him a brainteaser. He’ll
    make sure he gets the answer.

  • King Khan is a true star and ensures you get your time’s
    worth, even if you meet for five minutes.

  • The star is not a big eater, but loves his tandoori chicken.
  • Gizmos are his thing. A central console controls the Khan home, right down to the ACs and the drapes! His Nike shoes
    have a chip that connects to the PC; the pet dog wears a tracking device!

  • He has his starry quirks. He starts the year with a photoshoot on Jan 1 and hates being clicked while eating. His socks have
    to match the colour of his shoes, and he’s so used to giving autographs that he has almost written ‘Love, SRK’ on cheques!

  • The Delhi boy has really grown over the years, never talks money and no matter what the situation, makes sure others are

  • He loves playing scrabble with daughter Suhana and football with son Aryan. He watches cricket, football and hockey.
Well now you know the Baadshah of Bollywood a little better.
Which Bollywood actress do you think resembles her Hollywood counterpart the most?
Kareena-Paris,Aishwarya-Angelina, Diya-Anne or Preity-Drew?
Diya Mirza VS Anne Hathaway
Diya Morza VS Anne
Preity ZInta VS Drew
Ashwariya VS Angelina
SRK recalls his Kadki Days
Recently SRK played the role of a quizmaster to host the 4Ps business and marketing
quiz DARE 09 and recalled his poverty/kadki days.

SRK talking to the students said, ’’I’m the most successful failure. My mother didn’t live
long enough to see me become a superstar. Ab pata nahin Delhi mein yeh word use
karte hain ya nahin, but there were times jab meri kudki ho gayi thi. Kudki is when you
lose everything and you’re on the road. I equated poverty to failure at one point in my life.
I didn’t want to be poor. So I did Deewana, a film that Armaan Kohli had refused. I did
Baazigar that my friend Salman didn’t want to do. I acted in Darr because Aamir turned it
down and I worked in Dil Aashna Hai because Saif refused it. These films paid well and I
was working to avoid unemployment. When Dilip saab (Dilip Kumar) and I were watching
my Devdas, I asked him, ‘Why did you do Devdas?’ And he said, ‘Pata nahin. Tab ek lakh
rupaiya mila tha’. Then success happened… My speech ends. Normally, people clap

The students went ga-ga on SRK and his humor that kept them laughing all through the