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          SRK - the Passionate Hero

The living legend of Hindi cinema, Shah Rukh Khan's personality is almost synonymous
with his zodiac sign. Born on the 2nd of November, the ever-energetic actor is nothing
short of a Scorpio.

Powerful, passionate, determined and emotional yet mysterious are the characteristics
that SRK derives from his sun sign. And if you think that's pure coincidental, well,
consider this – SRK's best feature is undoubtedly his powerful eyes. And that exactly, is
the best physical feature of most Scorpios!
Ash – the Mysterious Diva

Think Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the first thing that comes to your mind is her
eternal charm of a mysterious diva.

While many are quick to label her as arrogant, it is probably her secretive nature, a
common among Scorpios, that makes her come across as the way she does.

Again an intense and powerful personality who has been super-successful on her own
terms thanks to perseverance, another Scorpio trait, Ash was born on
1st of November.
    Aamir – the Sensitive Soul

The broodiest of the tinsel town lot, Aamir Khan is known as much for his creativity and
versatility as his penchant for perfection.

And if you always marveled at how an actor can afford to remain rooted to his passion
for original art in the face of commercial competition, all of this can be literally
attributed to his stars. Born on the 14th of March, our gorgeous hero is a Piscean.

A sign associated with female deities, it is represented by character traits like
sensitivity, imaginativeness, versatility and impracticalness.
    Kareena – the Shrewd Seductress

The Kapoor heiress who radiates a sexy charm like no other, this one owes not just her
most celebrated traits but also some of her best physical features to her birth chart. A
Virgo by birth that falls on 21st of September, Kareena is one star in the industry who
thinks with her head and not heart.

Smart career moves and practical outlook to personal relationships is what Bebo
derives from her house of zodiac.

Add to that the physical Virgo traits of a graceful figure, delicately-shaped lips and large
eyes and you know that success and fame were destined with Bebo's birth!
         Akshay – the Meticulous Man

India's first stunt star, Akshay Kumar owes his success to hard work, methodical
approach towards life and a meticulous understanding of various factors that go to make
a stunt successful.

And while it may sound far-fetched, these are actually the most probable traits that
define a Virgo man.

A shrewd and flirtatious nature, attention to details and a obsession for health and
hygiene is what perhaps make Akshay Kumar, who's birth date falls on the 9th of
September, the heartthrob of millions.
          Priyanka – the Athletic Actress

The star with the girl-next-door image, Priyanka Chopra has always been a family
person. If you did not know who to blame for this sexy star's domicile interests, well it is
her stars. The young actress who celebrates her birthday on the 18th of July is a
Cancerian. And apparently, Cancerians are extremely homely, sensitive and moody too.
Now while we are yet to see Piggy Chops' moody, we all know how sensitive and down-
to-earth she is as a person.

Last but not the least, her slender figure, sexy legs and the perfect pout are also
inspired from the Cancerian physical traits of athletic body, long legs, full lips and a
wide smile. Voila, isn't it?
Abhishek – the Attractive Aquarian

Ever wondered why Ash always ensures her presence besides Abhishek at formal dos?
Well, it is because the Aquarian that he is, Abhishek Bachchan dislikes being taken for
granted! Apparently, members of this zodiac sign hate ego plays and control fights.

And fortunately, the passionate Scorpio woman that she is, Ash doesn't mind taking that
extra effort to please her partner.

In fact, astrologers believe Aquarians to be the most physically attractive of all signs.
Intelligent, independent, opinionated and social are some of the other Aquarian features
that strike clear resemblance with Abhishek's personality.

What are the
zodiac qualities that drive our stars to shine the way
they do?
Bollywood Beauties without Makeup
Bollywood has always been renowned for its stunning women. For years their beauty has captivated audiences both on
the big screen and on the red carpet.

It's no surprise that most regular women would cringe at the thought of having to compete with Bollywood's favorite
leading ladies. But have you ever wondered what these Bollywood stars look like without their professionally applied
make-up? Are they really so stunning that they can simply wake up looking perfect each morning? The answer, not
surprisingly is no. At the end of the day, they too are only human and these photos prove that sometimes they need a lot
of help too.
Aishwarya Rai

Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has flawless skin and adorable
round eyes, however, make-up sure does help accent her features.
Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is widely regarded as one of the most glamorous and
seductive actresses in Bollywood but in this photo she looks ANYTHING but
that! Without concealer to hide the circles under her eyes she looks
over-worked, stressed-out, and flat-out exhausted. We seriously recommend a
long nap and what looks like a much needed vacation.
Katrina Kaif

Recently named "sexiest Asian Woman Alive" by a UK Asian magazine,
Katrina Kaif doesn't necessarily look remarkable in this photo but we must
admit that she still looks good without make-up.
Priyanka Chopra

After winning the title of Miss India World and later becoming Miss World
2000, it's obvious why Priyanka Chopra is famous for her beauty.  However,
without make-up she just looks ordinary.
Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is known not only for her talent and intelligence but also for her
elegant good looks. Still, without carefully applied make-up, she won't
exactly be turning heads the way she's used to.
You have to admit that it's fun to look at these pictures. Now you might be thinking to yourself that we're just being
mean, but are we really? The pictures that we casually accept as the norm are most often taken with the
professional help of make-up artists, hairstylists, designers and fashion stylists. Sometimes these photos are even
retouched and airbrushed to create the 'perfect' image. So go ahead and enjoy pinpointing a few celebrity flaws
and do it without feeling guilty.  It's healthy to remember that even the most beautiful women in the world need to
make an effort to achieve those dazzling good looks.
Check out some unknown facts about the King of Bollywood
Shah Rukh Khan.
  • SRK’s obsessive! He has an outfit from every movie he’s
    done as a keepsake.

  • The actor likes creativity in unexpected places, like the
    Louis Vuitton elevator, which is pitch black and all you hear
    is the sound of your breath.

  • What makes him happy? Throw him a brainteaser. He’ll
    make sure he gets the answer.

  • King Khan is a true star and ensures you get your time’s
    worth, even if you meet for five minutes.

  • The star is not a big eater, but loves his tandoori chicken.