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The DSDT Team would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to email us their
comments, suggestions and feedback. We appreciate your time and look forward to your
continued support. We would like to share some of the comments with all of you.  
Shabnam ji, hum ney aap ka progrm suna aur bohat acha laga...
Aap bohat acha bolti hain. aap kay yeh ganay kahan sey mil saktay hain?  
Hum doosron ko bhe boltay hain kay aap ka prgrm suney.
You need to find more time to do something  creative like you have done in your Navroz Show. We love your
collection & wonder where you get it from. You have a beautiful voice & it was a treat listening to you. How
come you just did such a short show? When should we expect something so new like this next? You have
talent & art, do not let it to go waste.We also enjoy listening to your listening live section...you need to add
some more stuff to make it more fun. We often listen to it at work. Good collection thou.

Keep up the good work. We enjoyed & need more.
Shabnam, just got done hearing your show on Navroz. I have to say that it was one of your coolest shows.
Great Music, Sensible & Thought Provoking Content. Where do you get all these songs from? Navroz
Mubarak from all of us here in Mumbai. This is one of your best recordings ever. It seems that you have done
this show after a long time so we all, me & my friends would like to say:

What A Come Back Show!!!

Please continue this...We need this shows with good stuff & good music. We have so many channels in India
but we still pull some time out to listen to your shows & catch up on your updates. Even thou we have not
received any email for a long time but we try our best to catch up when ever we can.

Excellent Show, with Great Music & Interesting content.
We enjoy your shows and its nice to hear your shows while working & doing some work specially at night. At
times, we have even turned off our television to listen to your shows when it becomes difficult to detach from
something interesting what you have in your shows which you always have. It is becoming addictive. Its fun!
wakai aapka collection bohat umda aur aala darje
ka hai
We enjoy your DSDT Special Event section and DSDT Archives. Recently we have seen changes in various
areas of your site. It seems like your team has been working hard to update the content for us and that is

We wish you all  the best. We are looking forward listening to your Khushiali Show on your site and forwarding
to all of our friends.

Take care & keep it up...
You are rocking your site. You guys are bunch of creators. We all enjoyed your mothers day show. It was really
good. Noise was a factor but we could clearly understand that it was recorded directly from the radio.
Shabnam, that is fine. It is all about content.

We tell others too and also I can forward your email to my family in friends.
Thanks for being so religious & devoted to your website.
We enjoy it!
During Golden Jubilee year we were fortunate enough to receive one of your show's cd. It was different and we
really enjoyed. As a matter of fact, we even passed on to our friends, got some copies made with the hope that
you would be ok with that and received praise in return.

Recently, we received your another cd somehow  & it was amazing again to receive that. I dont know what will i
call that but we are thankful for that. We did googled on you online and found your website and there you
were, full flesh up and running with so many shows. We are so happy that you decided to do that. We have
noticed some changes on your site which is really good. I have always been hesitant to email you as I am a
very shy person, but when I received your cd and changes, I had to email you to let you know.  

I am happy that we found your site. We wish you luck and encourage you to keep on doing such a wonderful

Thanks and appreciate what you do.
Wonderful to see some cool stuff. I was able to
grab your website from a cd. I am from India. We
visit your site very often. We enjoy your special
Kam Cho Shabnam, Saligirah ki aap ko bohat bohat badhai. Aasha hai kay aap ka din bohat sunder guzra ho
ga. Hum log aap ki site per bohat jaatey hain jab kabhi bhi internet milta hai. yahan internet thora mahenga hai
to hum bohat jiyadah aap ka sow sun nahi paatey. March ka mahaina aa gaaya, koi khaas show ka iraada hai?

Hum sab aap ki lambi umer ki dua kartey hain. Khush raho.salgiah mubark aap ko.
Happy Birthday to you Shabnam ;-)

We pray for your long life, happiness, prosperity, success and good health. It is always pleasure to visit your
site and not only me and my family but others do the same as well. We are very busy individuals but its our
routine to visit your site and listen to your shows. We really wish that you would update not only your site but
also your archives as frequently as possible. We are always there to support and we understand that this not
all what you do.

We have choices to visit other sites but we prefer your site over others when ever we can. We are a big fan of
your shows and hope that you are able to allocate more time to such projects.

Once again, A Very Happy Birthday from me and my family. Hope that you had a wonderful time on your
birthday and made the most out of it.
I just saw your Halloween page. It is remarkably amazing! I love the sound effects and the stories are truly
scary. The background of the history of Halloween is perfect. Also, the pictures from the Dallas Partnership
Walk are spectacular. The photographers are very talented ;) I will be a frequent visitor to your site now. Keep
me posted :D
Wow & Hello There...
We were just checking your site if any update happened and we were very pleased to see the pics posted on
your site.  Good Job. We even emailed that link to all of our family and friends all over.

We heard your Bollywood filmy style show, pretty funny...By the way, how often does your website gets
updated? Hope you have added our email address to your mailing list.

We appreciate and its always warm to visit your website.
Myself from small town in gujrat, india. was luky to get your cd in the golden jubilee year. Someone from
America gave us the cd and we enjoyed. we made some copyes and give it to others too.

We used your padhraamni cd to prepare couple of stage shows in our small toun during that year. we were so
touched by your cd that when we performed our show based on the material and text in your show, everyone
likes it.

Jamat enjoyed and my team members said thank you to me and I am saying thank you to you. we are thnking
to plan something this december and thought to serch website on the net. found your website and felt lucky
and also got your company's address and emailing to you.

doobarah shukraiya aap ka. hamary gujrat main aisa kuch nahi milta.
I live in UK and we have radio station that has great shows happening all the time. Your eid show was bit
different. Be assured that I will be a regular visitor to your site, and since it seems to be your passion, we are
there to support you. I will be emailing your site to other people on my list and hope that they would like it as
much as I did.
(United Kingdom)
Hello Shabnam,

I was forwarded your site and I did the same. We heard your eid and partnership show...simply excellent.

Something different we came accross. We look forward getting more from you.

You guys are doing an excellent job and it takes alot to get something done. thanks for adding me to your list. I
am forwarding to my friends in Pakistan and UAE.
I am one of your fans and definitely a regular visitor to your site. I must have heard all of your shows atleast
twice while cooking, in car, with my friends on many occassions.

I wanted to encourage you to do what you are doing. I wish you could update your shows more frequently then
its been done now. I am sure this is all not what you do, which is clear but please see if you could do more for
us. Someone even gave me your cd from last year.

We hope to see more shows in your archives section. We enjoy pakistani songs the most which we dont get to
hear alot even thou we travel alot between Lahore and UAE.
(United Arab Emirates )
I had received your CD in Toronto and was
wonderful. Did search and found your site, great.
Thanks and keep it up!