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Starting in 2011, couples in love will be able to tie the knot at any McDonald’s branch in Hong Kong.

Slated to begin sometime in January, the upcoming McWeddings will first appear for a test period at three major McDonald’s
branches. They’ll be offered in packages starting at HK$1000 ($129), which is a major savings from the typical HK$10,000 or
$1,300 price of a Hong Kong wedding.

Included with the reservation is a personalized menu, decorations, McDonald’s-themed gifts, a special apple-pie wedding cake,
and a lone fry in place of the traditional cherry a couple shares prior to kissing.

It’s essentially an ultra-cheap and fun way to get married. It’s kind of like an American couple getting married in a Las Vegas
casino. Similarly, there are a couple striking caveats. For one,  couples who opt for a McWedding aren’t guaranteed any privacy
whatsoever. Other customers who walk in to grab a bite are welcome to watch the ceremony. In addition, McDonald’s doesn’t
carry any liquor or beer, so there’ll be no drinking.
This whole fiasco all all started when a couple who originally met at a Hong-Kong-based McDonald’s decided to get married
there. The word quickly spread, prompting couples all across the country to call into McDonald’s asking to make a reservation for
their own wedding. Thus a trend was born.
McDonald’s Slated to Offer Ultra-Cheap McWeddings
It’s not the most romantic idea in the world, but it certainly is cheap.
More importantly, you get a bunch of free Happy Meal toys with it!!
Indian Billionaire Moves Into World’s
Most Expensive Home
Mukesh Ambani is considered one of the world’s richest men, with an estimated fortune of £17bn (about US $2 billion). His
new 27-story Mumbai residence, which is named Antilla, after a mythical Atlantic Island, has been described as “the Taj
Mahal of the 21st Century.”

Ambani and his wife and three children moved into the home last month and he hosted a lavish house-warming last week
that was attended by more than 80 people, including: Indian novelist, Shobhaa De, Bollywood stars, Preity Zinta and Aamir
Khan, and billionaire Kumar Mangalam Birla.

Said to be India’s richest man, Ambani is chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries, one of the largest
conglomerates in the world. He is also the owner of the Mumbai Indians, India’s Premiere League team.
The house, which overlooks a sprawling network of Mumbai slums, has sparked considerable controversy among anti-
poverty campaigners. They understandably argue that the acute contrast between Ambani’s luxurious mansion and the
plight of those 18 million people who live below is devastating.

The mansion has a temple on the ground floor and a library on the top. It has its own cinema, swimming pools and
helicopter pad. It was designed according to Vaastu principles, which are similar to the Chinese concept of feng shui

Ambani’s skyscraper, estimated to have cost $US 1 billion, requires 600 staff members to maintain it, and according to local
newspapers, the first month’s electricity bill was more than $US 153,000!

In his defense, there are those who argue that Ambani supports the economy and provides many jobs for Mumbai’s very
poor population.

Ambani’s brother, Anil, in an effort to not be outdone, held a “parallel party” at the 14-storey residence, which houses the
rest of the family.

The brothers are estranged due to a dispute over the division of their late father’s property, who died in 2002 without a will.
Indian Man Marries and Then Sells 60 Wives To Brothels
In Darjeeling, a mountainous tea-growing district of the eastern state of West Bengal, a 27 year-old man has been arrested for
duping 60 women into marrying him and then selling them into prostitution.

Bikky Biswarkarma pretended to be a well paid army officer home on holiday when over a five year period, he married at least
60 girls and then sold them to brothels in Mumbai and Pune, cities in the western state of Maharastra, for 70,000-100,000
rupees ($1,500-$2,000).

“He used to pose as an army man on leave who…wanted to get married before returning to work. He would change bases
frequently to lure girls from poor families in tea gardens and villages,” said district police chief, Debendra Prasad Singh.

Biswakarma was particularly cold-hearted. He would transport his new wife via train, telling her wanted her to meet a relative. A
brothel owner would then arrive on the scene and coax her to go with him. Our hero would then leave his new, naïve bride to
her undeserved fate.

It was difficult for the police to take action in this case because there were few if any complaints issued by the families of the
girls who never knew they had been sold to brothels.

Police have located nine of the women so far and he has been charged with several serious offenses, including human
trafficking. It is hoped that the other brides will be found soon especially since Biswakarma has been arrested. Police are also
looking for several accomplices whose days are hopefully numbered.
Extra Large Root Canal For Indian Elephant Tusk Ache
Dentists in the southern Indian state of Kerala have
performed root canal on a 27 year-old Indian elephant
suffering from chronic tusk ache.

A veterinary surgeon and a team of three dentists spent two-
and-one-half hours removing the six-centimeter (2.4 inches)
cavity from the 50-centimeter  (1.65 feet) long tusk.

The elephant’s owner noticed the infection that had damaged
the tusk and brought the animal in for an examination early
last month.

The elephant is a bull named Devidasan and he seemed to
appreciate the dental care and attention.

“We decided to use the traditional root canal process as a
remedy. We needed extra-large instruments and equipment
and large quantity (0.41 pounds) of resin to fill the crack. The
elephant was the perfect patient… He was not tranquilized,
was very cooperative and obeyed his handler,” said dentist,
Sunil Kumar.

This is the very first operation of its kind in the state of Kerala.
Elephants are an integral part of important social ceremonies in this region where they are used in religious parades, marriages and
other celebrations.
Angry Women Force Trespassing Men to Perform Sit-ups
A couple guys who were trespassing on a woman’s-only carriage of the New Delhi metro system were fined and then forced to
perform  sit-ups.

Every subway train in India has a special railway car dedicated solely to women. Though unusual, this policy was initiated to help
protect females from inappropriate behavior, such as sexual harassment.

Unfortunately, Indian men sometimes like to break the rules. Lately, in fact, many men have been sneaking onto the female-only
carriages because they’re unable to find a seat anywhere else.

The ladies have been putting up with it because they felt like they couldn’t stop it. But everything changed on Saturday, November
27, when police officers from Gurgaon, a large city 30 km south of New Delhi, raided the train in response to complaints from
Egged on by the police, the ladies on the train acquired the confidence to finally put the men in their place. Not only did they slap
them around like Moe slapped Curly, but they even forced them to perform sit-ups.

“We found many male passengers in the women’s coach,” said police commission S. Deswal. “The moment the women saw us,
they got the courage to teach the men a lesson.”
According to Indian newspapers, the men were very embarrassed. In India, women typically serve their men. So for women to
stand up and put men in their place is quite unusual. Plus, the fact that these men, who were likely fat and out-of-shape, had to
perform sit-ups in public… that’s just icing on the cake!

Congratulations to the women of India! But next time, don’t wait for the police to show up. You don’t need their help, because as
every man wells knows, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
66 Year-Old Indian Woman gives Birth To Triplets
The world’s oldest known mother of triplets is a woman who lives in Haryana, India, and is 66 years of age.

Even more amazing is the fact that Bhateri Devi had been childless for 44 years of marriage and conceived via artificial

The two healthy boys and one girl were born this past May at Hisar’s National Fertility Center (NFC).

The babies are the just desserts of the woman’s bitterness against her farmer-turned property owner ex-husband, Deva Singh,
who divorced her because she could not give him an heir and remarried two more times to no avail.

“The triplets are a happy coincidence. Bhateri had failed to conceive on two earlier attempts where two embryos were transferred
to her womb each time. We made a third attempt with three embryos and were happily surprised when all three became implanted.
This is the first documented instance where a 66-year-old woman has nurtured to full term and successfully given birth to three
healthy babies,” according to Dr. Anurag Bishnoi of the NFC.

Despite the shadows of problems that can and often do occur with aged parents dying before children are grown and other health
issues, bringing a new life into the world is at all times a joyous and miraculous event.

Bhateri’s ex-husband is jubilant about her multiple-birth delivery of that which he so desperately desired at the cost of his wives’

Surely somewhere unseen, Bhateri smiles at her victory; that is, if she can find the time in between changing diapers and heating
up formula!
It’s an emergency plan designed to
prevent a “severe electricity shortage,”
ministry official Roh Keon-Ki told Agence
France-Presse (AFP) reporters.

The temperature in South Korea has been
so cold—earlier this month it dropped to a
record low of -17.8-degrees Celsius, or -.
04-degrees Fahrenheit, that the use of
heaters rose to an all-time high.

Ergo, to prevent a possible blackout, which
would be devastating, the government is
encouraging its employees to be extra
frugal with their energy use. Long johns
are okay, but thermal underwear is
recommended. Suffice it to say, if
employees are going to waste energy to
stay warm, they better waste their own
energy, i.e., batteries.
South Korean Government: ‘Wear Thick Underwear’
The government of South Korea has ordered all government employees to start wearing thick underwear—the high-tech
thermal kind preferred—to stave off quickly rising energy consumption levels.

As of January 17th, public servants in South Korea must turn off all heating devices from 11:00am to 12:00am and 5:00pm to
6:00pm. In addition, at all other times the heating cannot be set any higher than 18-degrees Celsius, or 64-degrees